I Had No Idea Boot Cuffs Were So Popular! Ripple Stitch Boot Cuff Pattern

When I started selling my crochet items early December, one of my relatives asked me if I would make her some boot cuffs!  Well, they have definitely been my best-selling item thus far!  I was really excited when a local salon and boutique, 2 Chic asked to buy 10 pair from me! I live in Auburn, Alabama which if you don’t know, is a college town and the latest trendy items are very important to these college girls.  Needless to say, I worked HOURS getting them done but loving every minute of it too.

After making a few for my customers, I finally got a chance to write the pattern and wanted to share it with everyone else!  I hope you enjoy!  Please let me know if you catch any errors or have questions.  Constructive criticism is always welcomed.  It is the only way to get better!

Boot Cuffs Boot Cuffs



  1. I used I Love This Yarn medium (4) worsted weight.  The color I used was ivory.
  2. Crochet Hook Size – H
  3.  Tapestry needle for weaving in the ends.

Gauge:  9 stitches and 3 rows = approximately 2 inches


ch – chain

st – stitches

sl st – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

hdc – half double crochet

Top Portion of Boot Cuff

Row 1:  Ch 11 turn

Row 2:  Sc in second ch from hook and across, ch 1 turn.  (10 st)

Row 3:  Sc and 2 dc in first stitch, *skip 2 stitches, sc and 2 dc in next st*, repeat from * to * across and sc in last st.  Ch 1 and turn. (10 st)

Repeat row 3 until the desired measurement and fasten off leaving a long tail.

Join ends together using the long tail and take the side just fastened off using the tapestry needle to sew the front loop only of the stitch and the bottom loop of each sc on the first row.  Fasten off and weave in the ends.

Bottom Portion of Boot Cuff

Row 1:  Join to cuff by ch 1 and sc evenly around, sl st into first sc (not the ch 1).  (Hint)  You will later be decreasing stitches so be sure that your stitches will divide by 4 evenly then add two more sc.  (Example:  Sc 40 stitches plus 2=42 stitches around.)  42 will actually be a good number to use on the average size cuff.

Row 2:  ch 2, dc into next sc and around,  Sl st in top of ch 2 st.

Row 3:  ch 1 and sc in same sp, sc in next dc and around, sl st in first sc.

Row 4:  ch 2, dc into next sc and around,  Sl st in top of ch 2 st.

Row 5:  ch 1 and sc in same sp, sc in next dc and around, sl st in first sc.

Row 6:  ch 2, dc into next sc and around,  Sl st in top of ch 2 st.

Row 7:  ch 1 and sc in same space, sc in next 3 stitches, *skip next sc, sc in next 4 st*, repeat from * to * across, sl st in first sc.

Row 8:  ch 2 and hdc in next stitch and around, sl stitch in top of ch 2 st.

Row 9:  ch 1 and sc in same sp, sc in next stitch and around, sl stitch in first sc.  Fasten off and weave in ends.

Add buttons if desired.

Please feel free to make or sell products from this pattern!  I believe in free enterprise but just ask to link back to my site.  Please do not copy this pattern as your own.  Please do not re-publish photos as your own.

More free patterns are coming so be sure to keep in touch on my ELK Studio – Handcrafted Crochet Designs Facebook page to stay turned for availability!

God Bless and Happy Crocheting!


57 thoughts on “I Had No Idea Boot Cuffs Were So Popular! Ripple Stitch Boot Cuff Pattern

  1. Was looking for a boot cuff pattern, thanks for sharing as am new to crochet, going to try and do your pattern can I use any yarn as am from the uk, and the yarn that you used I can’t get unless I know someone from the USA want to send me the yarn.


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  3. I just came across your blog entry and found your free pattern. TY sooooooooo much! The cuff is simply adorable and I got one made in about an hour. Can’t wait to make the match. I used Red Heart’s Treasure Yarn in Portrait. The variegated browns are just beautiful. Thanks again!


  4. I Love this pattern and so do my friends ive made more boot cuffs then imaginable ive even made childrens. the puffy top really gives them texture and warmth ive tried other pattern and they are just flat yours really tops the boot. lol!


  5. War Eagle! Thanks so much for offering this pattern as a free download! A friend of mine (also an Auburn fan) has selected this pattern for me to make for her!! I’ll post pics. I LOVE your beanie pattern and currently on Ravelry checking it out!!


  6. Looks super cute, going to make a few for quick Christmas gifts! Just wondering, for the decreasing on the bottom part, does the skipping sc leave holes? Would it be better to sc2tog (I think that’s the right term?)) rather than skipping? Thanks!


  7. Hi – I am trying this for the first time – hoping I get it right – I’m no pattern expert, but I know my basic stitches. One thing I thought you might want to edit, is that when you get to the row 4 at the beginning, (I did a chain-2 and turned, btw – instead of chain-1, not sure why, I guess because it’s double stitch – maybe that’s a mistake), I think it should say to then skip the first two, rather than repeating row 3 “exactly” by beginning in the first stitch – because when you continue on and try to begin with the first stitch in the row – it adds another shell section each row which makes it wider and wider rather than uniform in width, if that makes sense.


    • Sarah,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. One thing you may be missing is the last stitch of the row. You don’t end with a dc, you will be ending with a sc. Do 3 sets of the sc,dc,dc (which makes 9 stitches), ending with a sc will make the 10th stitch for the row, then ch 1, turn and begin again.

      Let me know if you have any other questions or comments. I always love to get feedback!



  8. Kathy, thanks soo much for this awesome pattern and for letting the finished products be sold. I have a page on Facebook that i sell crocheted items on and I had a request for boot cuffs and these are by far the cutest!! Thank you so much and God bless:)


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  10. I plan on making these for a gift exchange. I will have no idea of the persons calf size. How many rows would you suggest for the top portion when not knowing the calf size?


  11. I abhor seaming and weaving in ends. After finishing the top portion, I brought the ends together and “stitched” with sc, then started the bottom. Only two ends to weave and no seaming, priceless! Thanks for sharing your pattern!!


  12. Thank you so much for posting this boot cuff pattern. It is a very pretty boot cuff. And very easy to follow and make. Thank you once again for posting this and for free. It is probably one of the prettiest ones I have seen and made.


  13. I cannot figure this out. Do you make 2 sides and sew together? Also, how many of the top portion do I make.I am really confused. Hopefully you will see this since the last post was in January. My daughter requested I crochet these for her.
    Thanks in advance!


  14. This is a great pattern. Can you tell me the measurement of the one you have pictured? Like how wide the cluster or top portion before sewing?


  15. Hi Kathy:)
    My calves measure 14 inches around with yoga pants or leggings. How many stitches should one chain for a larger calf? DIN has larger calves and im not certain how stitches I need to chain to make them fit? Can’t wait to try this pattern:) Thanks for sharing!


    • Gail,

      I made a pair recently for someone about the same calf size as you, and I think I did around 16 rows. You are making the top portion first (which calls for completed rows not chains), so I would find out the measurement of your DIN’s calf (unless it’s a surprise) and crochet enough rows to fit. I didn’t use exact measurements because unlike head measurements, there is so much variability with the calf size. I hope this helps and let me know if you need any other help. You can always email me at elkstudiocrochet@gmail.com.



  16. How many rows of the top should I do? I made a pair for myself and measured my own leg for them but my calves are a little smaller than average I think. I had someone order several pairs from me. How big around do I make them? Thank you!


  17. What is the measurement you suggest for these? I made some for myself and had someone order a few pairs and I’m not sure how big around to make them. Thank you!


  18. Hi. Im trying to figure this pattern out and it doesnt seem to make sense to me. Im new to crocheting and after I begin with 10 stitches its not coming out right. It keeps decreasing. Is something missing? At the end of the top portion Im confused how it fastens together?
    Sorry if Im just not seeing it. There so nice my daughter will love them. Help


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