The Patterns Keep Coming!

Boot Cuffs Boot Cuffs

So after many hours of “wrestling” with my yarn, I think I finally created the boot cuff pattern I was attempting to make.  Joining the cuff without a break in the fpdc ((front post double crochet) was the hardest part.  I am sure I understand how I did it, but have you ever tried to write out a pattern and wonder if it will make sense to other people?

Before I post it on Ravelry, I need a name for the cuff.  Any suggestions?  Creating a name have never been my true gift.  I would rather spend time just creating and crocheting than “wasting” time thinking up a name.  Help!

Happy Crocheting and God Bless to Everyone!!



10 thoughts on “The Patterns Keep Coming!

  1. These are beautiful! When will you be sharing the pattern? I’ve got some gifts to make and although I don’t have the calves for such things, I know many who will rock them!! 🙂


    • I am still trying to work out the kinks on the joining part with the front post double crochet but I have two other patterns on the blog also if you want to try. I love the Ripple stitch pattern and it is very easy to do! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!


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