Do You Dream of More?

Boot Cuff The moment when you finished the last stitch and the project is complete!  Well, there isn’t much more exciting for me than to have a finished product sitting in my hands.  I just finished 5 pair of boot cuffs for a customer today and feel pretty pumped!

Although I have crocheted for years, up until recently I have only made things for my family.  Never have I “sold” anything to anyone.  It’s so much fun when you get a picture of your customer wearing your product!  I post all of them of my Facebook page proudly!  There is so much work and truly even more love that goes into every stitch to make that hat, scarf or boot cuff look perfect and to see your work in a picture along with someone smiling, well it’s all worth it.

It truly is an honor and mostly a pleasure to sit down and write out a pattern to share with others or to make those cuffs for a woman so that she feels beautiful.  I believe we are all talented in some way and that crochet is just a way for me to let out my creative side and to sooth my soul on those trying days when life gets hard.

What does crochet do for you?  Is it just a hobby or do you dream of owning your own business?  Share your story.


2 thoughts on “Do You Dream of More?

    • Thank you Kylie! Those cuffs have been challenging. I want the “waves” to line up without a break. I think I have almost got the pattern down. I had to take a few days away from it so that I would have a fresh mind. I hope to have it within the next week or so. Are you working on any of the other patterns? If so, I would love to see your pictures. You can share them on my Facebook page.
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment! God Bless!


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