Lines by ELK – Summer Hat

School has kept me busy so there hasn’t been much time for crocheting or designing this week.  Last week I made the Lines by ELK hat and thought that a summer version would be great.  I made this hat using Cascade Ultra Pima 100 % cotton.  I love the soft feel it gives and the colors are so radiant. I’ve never used any type of wiring for a hat but knew that I wanted the brim to stand out so I asked my husband if he had anything in his shop.  Emory came back in with some craft wire that worked brilliantly!  I think I’m keeping this one for myself.

Lines by ELK - Summer Hat Lines by ELK - Summer Hat

I wanted to add other pictures.  I just finished this one today!  03-06-13

Summer Hat Pink Summer Hat Poolside Summer Hat

Blog Hop Button Its Back! Colorful Spring Crafts Blog Hop + Giveaway  I entered this hat in a contest and would love it if you would vote for me!  There is no registration.  You only need to click on the gold star!  The link below will take you directly to the website.  Thank you so much for your support!

UPDATE:  03/21/2013

The contest is over and I WON!  Thank you to everyone that participated!

I pray everyone has a blessed week!


33 thoughts on “Lines by ELK – Summer Hat

  1. Love the hat, will be perfect for summer..Congratulations on winning the contest…good luck with school…..can’t wait for the pattern….


  2. I totally LOVE your sunhat! It is in my color…….anything with pink is for me. I would love this for fishing this summer. All my fishing gear has pink somewhere ….my coat, my chair, my life vest, my pole, my tackle bag…..the hat would fit in nicely! You are amazing, and hats are one of my fave things to crochet too!


  3. Summer hat is gorgeous and i predict lots of people will be wearing hats this summer – after all we have scarves we wear year round – hats must be next:) Thanks for reading my Blog. I am relatively new to crochet but not to crafting – looking forward to visiting your fb page:)xM


  4. Love the summer hat… i am a red hat lady and would love to make one in our colors… hope you have the time to post when school is over…


  5. i dont have a site. I am a seasoned crocheterfor family and charities. love to help othersand i love your hat patterns. id like to make one for myself. thanks for sharing photo.


    • Thank you so much for your interest Jean. Just stay tuned to this blog by adding yourself to my email list or you can join me on my Facebook page. The link is also on the blog. Once I finish school I will be able to focus more on my pattern writing and designing. I love that you share your crochet with charities and family! There is such a real sense of satisfaction to help other people! Good for you!


  6. I absolutely love this hat and would love the pattern. I have a garden wedding that I am attending this spring and have made a shawl to go with the dress that I will be wearing. I would love to make this garden hat to match. I saw on one of the press posts that you are considering posting the pattern. I am very new to pintrest and not quite sure how it works. Can I purchase your pattern or will you’ve posting it soon?


    • Thanks Alfrida! I really loved the way it turned out too. It totally exceeded any of my expectations! You can jump over to my Facebook page to view other hats I have made too! The link is on my blog. I am really considering a release of the pattern but maybe when I finish school! Thank you so much for your interest!


  7. Congratulations Kathy!
    I would love to make one.of your hats!! I have never used the special wire or made a hat, but look forward to trying your pattern! I will stay tuned in! It will be perfect for me to wear on Old Orchard Beach!


    • Lisa,

      Thank you and it really isn’t too bad using the wire and when you do get it done and see the results….well, it makes it all worth while. The interest for the pattern is somewhat of a surprise to me but a nice one at that! Where is Old Orchard Beach?


    • Jenny,

      Thanks so much for commenting! I haven’t posted the pattern as of yet. When I made the hat and put it in the contest, I didn’t realize there would be such an interest. I’m in the last semester of school and will consider releasing the pattern once I am done. Stay tuned to the blog by adding yourself to the email or to my Facebook page! Thank you so much!


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