It’s Spring Break and time to Crochet a Beach Hat!

It’s been a  great week so far!  I’ve been on spring break and have been able to sit down and crochet a little.  Not as much as I like because my husband took the week off and we have been spring cleaning the house.  Now things are more organized, neat and tidy (including my crochet room!)

In my earlier post, Lines by ELK – Summer Hat, I talked about using craft wire on the outer edge.  After some research, I discovered millinery wire is the real stuff used on hats.  My shipment arrives tomorrow and can hardly wait to try it out!  Has anyone ever used this type of hat wire?  If so, what has been your experience?  Good or bad?

Until I receive the wire, I thought I would work on another hat but this time I wanted to try out my pattern for a child size hat.  I really liked the way it turned out.  Here are the results of the toddler hat:

Childs Spring Hat Childs Spring Hat

I turned the hat inside out and the curled hat resulted.  I think I like that look better and don’t plan on using the wire on this hat.

Here is a sample of what the hat will look like completed.  (I used a different wire but will probably change it because it is not holding as well).

Adult Spring Hat Adult Spring Hat

This hat definitely goes into my beach accessories category!

Have a blessed day everyone!



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