Making it thru Monday!

I wanted to add a little spice to my Facebook page and thought what better way to do it than have a day dedicated for people to show off their projects.

Making it thru Monday

Everyone knows that Mondays can be a drag so let’s spice it up a little.  Starting on 4-22-13 we will start “Making it thru Monday”  Here are the rules:

  1. It has to be handmade by you (crochet or knit).
  2. Tell a little about the project (type of yarn, etc.)
  3. Just snap a few pictures of either your WIP or completed project and send it to me.  You can load it up on ELK Studio’s Facebook page  or you can email me at
  4. Please give the designer’s name.  Let’s give them credit for their hard work!
  5. If you have a link to the pattern too that would be great! (If you have one!)

Seeing other people’s work will definitely brighten my day and I’m sure it will make yours more pleasant!

Have a great night!



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