Finishing Another Summer Beach Hat

Today was extremely productive in my “crocheting” life.  I completed another summer hat order and had time to finish up a baby gift which is a min-version of my hat!

Summer Beach Hats 009 Summer Beach Hats Mini Summer Beach Hat

It feels so good to catch up and spend time enjoying myself without my nose stuck in a book (which I have to do one more time for Friday’s test).

I think reality is setting in that in just 3 days I will be graduating!  I’m so excited and can’t wait to walk across the stage.  It’s been a long time dream of mine to get this degree and with the love and patience of my husband, I’m done!

You know what that means though right?  Next week I will be able to devote more time to crocheting, designing and pattern writing!  Once I get the pattern written out, I’ll need a few people to test out the pattern so let  me know if your interested.

By the way, I’m having a yarn and hook give-a-way on my ELK Studio Facebook page until Sunday. Jump over there and be sure to comment on the post what color you prefer!

Have a great evening everyone and God Bless you!



20 thoughts on “Finishing Another Summer Beach Hat

  1. Oh my Goodness, Kathy! The hat is absolutely STUNNING!!!! I, too, would love to test the pattern for you. However, if you have enough testers already, I would love to know when the pattern is available 🙂
    And… In response to your ? to Denise… OF COURSE we would buy the necessary materials to make such a work of art! 🙂


  2. The wide brimmed hat is exactly the type of hat I wear in the summer. If you need someone to proof read your pattern, I’m available. Rebecca lighthouselady at gmail dot com


  3. The widebrimmed hat is exactly what I love to wear in the summer. If you need someone to proof your pattern, I’m available. Rebecca lighthouselady at gmail dot com


  4. I just found this blog and I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the patterns! I can’t wait to get start and look forward to trying the hats. CONGRATS on your upcoming graduation, you are an inspiration! Knitting and crochet is my passion.


  5. Woohoo! one more day. Good job! I am very interested and eager to work/test your summer beach hat pattern as soon as it is available. I absolutely live it! With your knowledge and degree in marketing and creative talent, I am sure you will do very welll. Suze


  6. Congratulations on your graduation! You Rock!

    That is one gorgeous hat! Any of those colors flatter the pattern. I could just see our Louisiana southern belles wearing this by the pool, river, or at festivals. Can’t wait to see a pattern….but I’m sure you can use some down time about now ;o)


    • Thanks Denise! I have loved every color I’ve used with the pattern so far! I’m wondering though if people are going to want to buy the materials such as the wire and joiners in addition to the yarn to make this hat. Any thoughts?


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