Crochet Hounds Tooth Bag

Since finishing the altered version of my Summer Checkers tote, I’ve been really busy trying to finish up some other custom orders.  I actually love custom orders because it gives me a chance to use my creativity and I don’t get bored as quickly (at least most of the time). 

I received this custom order for a Hounds tooth bag from an Alabama fan.  I think it turned out really well and although as you know I must be an Auburn fan since graduating from Auburn University last month, I really wouldn’t mind having a bag like this for myself.  it’s super cute. 

A few people have inquired about a pattern on my ELK Studio’s Facebook page and another crochet group I am a part of, but wondered how much interest is from my blogger friends?  Let me know your thoughts!!



18 thoughts on “Crochet Hounds Tooth Bag

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    • The stitching is the same but you will be working in the round instead of back and forth. I am trying to finish up some custom orders and then plan on getting the pattern ready. Rebecca…..War Eagle… (I couldn’t resist).


    • You are so right in the fact that it is timeless. I love that we can take pieces of string and turn it into something magical. It always amazes me every single time I finish a project.


    • Thank you Chelsea. What are you wanting to make? How semi of a beginner? Can you read and understand patterns and what about the type of stitches? The Hounds Tooth only calls for a single and double crochet, so it looks more complicated than it really is and you may could possibly do it. Tell me what you’ve made.



      • I know how to single and double crochet. I know how to read patterns if they include those stitches. I have mostly made scarves, including infinity scarves. I want to do granny squares in the worst way but I havent found a tutorial basic enough for me. I want to start Christmas traditions and give out blankets and slippers so I really wouldn’t mind knowing how to make those.


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