Southern and Sassy Photo Shoot

Can we say beautiful?  I’ve had such a burst of energy since yesterday afternoon.  Tiara accepted my invitation to model Southern and Sassy.  I met her a couple of years ago while talking to her youth group and we’ve been friends since.  She has aspirations to become a model and I definitely think she can make it.  Tiara knew exactly what to do and the camera captures her elegance and beauty perfectly.  She can also rock a Southern and Sassy don’t ya think?

I must also give credit to Jenny from JRogersPhotography.  I’ve also known Jenny for a few years as she’s the one who has taken pictures of my beautiful grandchildren.  Jenny knew exactly how to capture the best moments and I’m grateful for her dedication and diligence to get these photos ready.




Tomorrow is the release of Southern and Sassy’s pattern!  I’ve chosen a quality millinery wire to be used in these hats because I truly believe that is what makes the difference.  There’s no worrying about it flopping down in your face.  My supplier is and they sell their supplies in bulk for those of you looking to make a few of these wonderful hats, but for the ones wanting to make the hat for personal use only, no worries.  I’ll be selling just the amount of wire and the joiner required on my Etsy account for a minimal amount.  I’ve also included the pattern on my Etsy account as well for your convenience.  Hobby Lobby sells a small selection of the Sinfonia yarn recommended for the hat, but if you are looking for over 88 colors to choose from you must see Mona at  

As a reminder, you can purchase the pattern starting tomorrow on Etsy, Ravelry and Crafty!  If you have any questions, please email me at



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