My First Crocheted Jacket!

One of my passions on my ELK Studio Facebook page is to share beautiful projects, and I recently came across this gorgeous jacket. 



I can’t link the source of this particular picture but did find a tutorial (graph pattern) and the experience of a fellow crocheter that made the jacket.

At the time I saw the picture, I didn’t have the link and went to Ravelry to see if I could find anything similar.  I’ve never taken the time to make anything for myself but that was about to change!  The jacket I chose to make is a Drops Design and I love the way it turned out!  The pattern was fairly simple to read and understand, and I was able to stay pretty close to the pattern instructions.

I’ll share with you the details of how I made the jacket. 

Hook – J

Yarn – Cascade Ultra Pima 100% cotton

Gauge – It said that after completing round 5 the jacket should measure 20 cm.  My jacket only measure 18 cm, but I’m not surprised because the suggested yarn is 2 strands of Alpaca and I used one strand of Ultra Pima cotton.  I figured I might be okay and could adjust later if I had to, so I kept going.

I had no issues with the jacket until round 13 but thought I should mention Round 12 too.

Round 12:  The S/M pattern called for chaining 26, and I did but remember to chain LOOSELY because this is for your armholes!  (Yes, I had to do this twice).

Round 13:  Here is what it says for this round:  ” tr in the first tr, *2 ch, 3 tr in the next tr*, repeat from *-* = 192 tr.” 

If I were writing it I would say, “tr in the first tr, *ch 2, skip 2 ch, 3 tr in the next tr.”  When I first read the instructions I thought I would tr, ch 2 and 3 tr in the next.  It didn’t seem right because i had entirely too many stitches.  So when I went back to read it again, I figured out I needed to skip 2 chains as well and chain 2.

The remainder of the body of the jacket worked out fine and I finished it up.

The S/M instructions on the sleeve state:

    “Round 1:  Crochet 52-60-68 tr around the armhole from the circle and finish with a sl st in the first tr from beg. of round”. 

52 is the correct number of S/M jacket, but when I counted the total number of stitches around I came up with 56.  I wanted the arm holes to be symmetrical and when you look at the M/L it states 60.  PERFECT!  There are 28 tr on each side and a chain 3 space on each side.  I chained a tr in each tr (28 tr), 2 tr in the side, 28 additional tr and 2 last tr on the side for a total of 60.  I think the 52 stitches would have made the sleeves too tight and I liked the way it looked better anyway.

Here’s where I need some suggestions.  I haven’t clasped, buttoned or whatever I plan to do to the front of the jacket yet.  What do you think?  If it were your jacket, how would you join it and what would you use? (Excuse my hound dog, Otis, he was very persistent in trying to capture his moment in fame!)


The Drops Design jacket was a total blast to make and I definitely would make it again and recommend it to anyone, even the “young” crocheter could follow these simple directions as long as you know how to do treble stitches.

Here are some more photos of the jacket modeled by my beautiful friend, Carolyn! 





I hope everyone has a great evening and God Bless to each of you!




34 thoughts on “My First Crocheted Jacket!

  1. PS there’s no edit button. What I want to say is that if you are giving instructions, you need to look at what is written on the Drops site. Rather than say I can just follow their instructions, understand that I am telling you that row 13 is entirely different. Look over what you have written and compare it to the website. Then you will see that what I have written is correct. You can’t just brush aside something when someone takes the time to point out an error to you without investigating what you are being told. Anyway, the jacket does look nice. I never like the front of these kinds of shrugs because they don’t close properly and sometimes look strange in the front…nonetheless I am making one because I like the back!.


  2. PS it does state 192 tr’s at the end of my row 13 instructions-you have the same amount.
    . But the difference in yours and mine on this row otherwise is totally different as you can see. I wonder if there are any corrections on their website other than what I printed. Usually you can find the changes.


      • I now understand that your changes was your opinion. But what you list as what they write is still different than what I have written according to their printed directions.

        This is what you say from above; “Round 13: Here is what it says for this round: ” tr in the first tr, *2 ch, 3 tr in the next tr*, repeat from *-* = 192 tr.”

        You said that “it” says which meant to me the written instructions.

        What I have on the Drops instructions:
        round 13- crochet over the 26 stitches- 3tr, 2 ch 8 times. over the tr as follows:3 tr in each tr,ch2 repeat 15 times–192 tr’s.

        Do you now see what I mean?
        What you say “IT” says (I am assuming the written instructions) is not the same as the written instructions I have.

        So you are not doing 3 tr’s in each tr.
        So it seems you are doing one tr and then ch2 then 3 tr in the next tr.

        Look over what you wrote. Maybe you just don’t realize you have only 1 tr to start when it should be 3.

        Anyway, God Bless you too. Not here to criticize just to help!


  3. Great colours. They really suit you. And I love your dog 🙂 I’m all for letting it all hang but if you really want a closure I’d use or crochet a wide ribbon. That way you can tie it or leave it to dangle, it will just hang with the jacket and you don’t have to worry about losing it!


  4. Kathy, in reference to your closure question, Back in the 70’s, Lots of women wore the long vests, that had a button on each side, One of them had a chain attached to the shank. If you were to find a couple Large Shank Buttons that were say Blue or the Red, and crochet a loop (very tight chain) large enough to go over the Button on the other side. The loop would come off the shank under the button. I don’t think I am explaining it well. You know me by now, I see it, but can’t say it.


  5. AMEN! Yes! I love it! It’s such a great feeling when you overcome something you may find difficulty with. This has given me the courage to try one that I’ve been eyeing myself! It’s a beautiful summer jacket!


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