Look What I’ve been Crocheting Today!

You can’t have a Hounds Tooth crocheted scarf and purse with a matching hat!  I picked up my Caron Simply soft today and started working on this hat.  I didn’t want the entire hat to be Hounds Tooth because I just thought it would be too much (especially if you are wearing the scarf!)  Here’s the finished product!  What do you think?

Hounds Tooth Hat Hounds Tooth Hat

I have a couple of pictorial images that I would like to take before releasing the pattern.  I didn’t carry along the unused yarn this time and it worked out.  I tried a different technique of changing color and that worked out too, but the sun went down on me and I ran out of time to get all the images taken.  I’ll finish it up tomorrow and get it posted.  My husband has also agreed to be my model!!!!  YAY!

So for now, have a good night and come back tomorrow!



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