My Free Hounds Tooth Hat Pattern with a Twist-Compliments of BeatriceRyanDesigns

One of the greatest parts of crocheting is adding your own style to a project.  When I began making my free Hounds Tooth Hat pattern, I had my husband in mind.  I had made him a couple of beanies two winters ago, and he asked if I could make him a new one for this winter season.  I wanted him to have something with a little bit of style but a whole lot of man!  I think I succeeded because he’s looking pretty good in the hat.


Well, I would like to now introduce a different version of the same pattern.  What a great compliment to have someone show off their work from a pattern you have designed!  It thrills my heart to see the beautiful work from Elena of BeatriceRyanDesigns.  She wanted her hat to have a little more of a “girly” feel and she definitely achieved that goal.  I also love how she added the brim and flower!  Genius! 


If you haven’t checked out Elena’s other great work, you definitely should jump over to her blog!  Her bubbly personality is oozing all over the page, and I’m sure you will see what I’m talking about when you get over there!

A pattern is something that provides you the instruction on how to “make” the hat, but aren’t you glad it also provides the freedom for your creativity to flow and when you’re done….well, it just makes you smile?

I hope everyone has a great night!!






5 thoughts on “My Free Hounds Tooth Hat Pattern with a Twist-Compliments of BeatriceRyanDesigns

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  2. Wow Kathy… You are so kind!… I was just thinking I couldn’t wait to sit down tonight and make a your purely man’s version… I was just dreaming of my colors in my stash… I haven’t done mens hats in a while,,, my market has been women and children.


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