“Making it thru Monday” Review 21

Elk Studio’s Facebook page was rocking last Monday with some great submissions!  We had some slouchy hats, a little girl’s purse and even some baskets for a future wedding.  The top 2 submissions  were both incredible in their own way and here they are below!


The blanket comes from Judy and it’s a masterpiece wouldn’t you agree?  The awesome blanket was for her handsome grandson you see in the picture.  There is so much fine detail that went into the blanket and the edging is awesome too although it’s not shown in this picture.  Judy did an amazing job and I respect her for the amount of time it takes to make a project of this size!

The cute Pac-Man hats that you see were from Debra.  I don’t know how many of you remember Pac-Man but it was my all time favorite game as a girl.  I could play that game for hours!  What I find amazing is how you can take a simple beanie hat and turn it into something totally different with a few manipulations. Debra is so talented and ELK Studio has been blessed with many of her projects on “Making it thru Monday”!

I want to thank both of these lovely women for submitting their projects on “Making it thru Monday”.  If you would like to take part you can email me a photo of your latest work in progress or completed project!  Let’s see what you’ve been up to lately and let everyone support your work.  It’s also a great opportunity for a designer to see what type of reaction your project may get before releasing the pattern.  I’ve had a few designers actually do that and the results have been very positive.

Have a great day and be blessed!



2 thoughts on ““Making it thru Monday” Review 21

  1. I would love to participate, but can’t see your e-mail anywhere. Did you see your slide on my blog? if you like you can send me a portfolio page, but for now the slide goes to your Etsy store. I can redirect it anywhere you like. Be blessed.


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