“Making it thru Monday” Review #22

"Making it thru Monday"

Another great week of projects last Monday!  Be sure and get your projects ready and email them to me at elkstudiocrochet@gmail.com or you can upload your picture to my Facebook page!  If you don’t know what to do, you can read about it on the information page.

Here are the top two most viewed submissions from last week!

"Making it thru Monday Review #22

The beanie hats you see were made by Tracy.  You may recognize the pattern because it’s my free Hounds Tooth beanie pattern.  I love all the different colors Tracy used for these hats too.  She did a fabulous job don’t you think?  I’ve just got one questions Tracy.  Who are the lucky recipients of these wonderful beanies?

Debbie made the beautiful ruffle scarf in the photo.  She used two skeins together to make it have a thick and full appearance.  I asked her if this material was warm and she said it was since she used two skeins.  I really like the colors and it would look great while wearing a black turtle neck sweater.

There were other great projects on the page too and it’s not too late to get your submission in today!  I hope to see you over there!

Now, grab your “I’ve been Featured” button on the “Making it thru Monday” info page.

Have a great day and be blessed!



2 thoughts on ““Making it thru Monday” Review #22

  1. Hi Kathy, I would like to crochet a smaller version of your black and white houndstooth tote.  One that will fit my Samsung phone and a little cash and cards.  I’m not sure how many to chain.  I figured at first to just chain half of your original 88 &but it’s too wide for what I want.  My phone is about 6 inches as I want to turn it on it’s side.  How does one learn to figure out how to chain the correct amount for it to work out correctly?  7 inches is about the width I’d like to make it then I can make it as tall as I want….. Can you help me with this?   Thanks in advance:) Gerry, an avid fan, lol!!


    • Gerry,

      What kind of yarn are you using and I’ll try to help you figure out the correct # of chains. You should be able to make a chain that measures 7 inches and double the # of chains as long as you work with increments of 2 (meaning end on an even #). I’ll be glad to try and figure it out for you if you need me too!



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