ELK Studio – From the Heart

How many of you make hats or scarves to give to some charitable organization or a good cause?  If you are like me, probably quite often.  I always want to help these people and meet these requests if possible.  It has me thinking that besides continuing to give to these folks, I could do something on a more consistent basis.

I started the “ELK Studio Crocheters” group on my Facebook page a few months ago and we really have a good time and help one another.  There’s lots of sharing of business related information, fabulous projects, and words of encouragement.  We’ve even got a little contest coming up in October that’s going to bring tons of laughter!

I told the group what had been on my heart lately about doing some charity work and so many of them were more than willing to help out.  We’ve gotten things organized and named our charity organization “ELK Studio – From the Heart”.  Our first event is in  October and Wendy from The Hooked Haberdasher is the organizer. She has chosen for our donations to go to Crochet for Cancer.

ImageAre you interested in participating?  Do you have a heart to give back to someone who will love and appreciate your work?  If you would like to learn more, head over to my Facebook page.

Have a great day and be blessed!



10 thoughts on “ELK Studio – From the Heart

      • You are awesome! People need so much help these days. Check out my fundraiser opportunity on my site. I have found people are willing to help, but they need cash flow to do it. It seems always the people, who are destitute are the most willing to help. Pattern sales will generate the startup expense- yarn , advertising- for the fund raiser , which in turn will make an organized event fun. I had 2 fund raisers so far. One a youth group to Dakota and one to Guatemala. One group raised 1800 with 30 pattern sale and one raised over $3000 with 50 pattern sales. Their church groups did the projects and than they made a talent show and a craft show to sell the items. When I have finished setting up the business I be glad to contribute also.


      • That’s interesting. I have a friend that was asking me the other day about something like what you have done. I’ve get her to check out your page. Thanks!



      • We all work together to get things going. I have donated the materials for the fundraiser in my area, which gave them a good head start, but now i have not much materials left. Pattern sales will help with purchase of those.


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