“Saturday Night Share” #6

Saturday Night Share PlainToday’s “Saturday Night Share” featured guest is Rachel Martinez from Rocnraes Simply Handmade.  Here’s a list of questions that Rachel was kind enough to answer.  Thanks so much for taking the time to share a little about yourself with everyone!

1.  Name

2. Name of business (Facebook, website, Etsy, etc.)

3.How did you learn to crochet?

4.How long have you been crocheting?

5 What is your favorite thing to crochet?

6.Is crocheting a hobby or business for you?

7.Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

8.Tell me something personal about yourself.

“Hi!  My name is Rachel Martinez.  My dad taught me to crochet when I was about twelve years old. I crocheted a lot of chains and didn’t really make anything else. I would sit down once in a while and make something very simple then my life took an unexpected turn. I had a daughter graduating from high school, and I found out that I was about to add a new baby to the family. Boy was I surprised. That’s when I picked up the hook and got serious about my crochet because I had baby stuff to make. YouTube was awesome for teaching me more about crochet than I could remember. Now, I’m having a blast with my 13 month old son and crocheting helps to pay bills and feed my new yarn addiction.”
Here’s a shawl Rachel has recently made.  RocnraesSimplyHandmade
If you would like the opportunity to share your business page, just head over to my ELK Studio Facebook page this evening to find the “Saturday Night Share” post.  I love seeing new pages, and it’s a great way to mingle with other crochet loving folks!
Have a great day and be blessed!

2 thoughts on ““Saturday Night Share” #6

  1. Thank you so much for choosing me as your Saturday Night Share. I love your page and all of your completely fabulous hat patterns. 🙂


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