Winter Fury is on its way!!

If you follow my blog, you know that earlier this week I took a mini-vacation to celebrate my anniversary!  I had a great time and on the drive home, I started playing around with my yarn. (I know….I know….but I can’t help it.)  Here’s what I came up with so far.  I hope to have all the tweaking completed by the end of the weekend so that my wonderful testers can get busy.  What do you think?

The hat is super warm because of the texture.  Some of the stitching causes layering and it would be perfect for the person living in a cold climate.  I have tried out different stitches of yarn to get the perfect pattern for you!  If you have a favorite, please let me know by leaving me a comment along with your number that is above or below each picture.

1                                                                       2Winter Fury Collage                                          3                                                                   4

Be sure to look out for the release of the pattern by following me on my blog, or you could join me over at ELK Studio’s Facebook page!

Have a great day and be blessed!



28 thoughts on “Winter Fury is on its way!!

  1. all of them:)) i just made my first pair of boot cuffs from one of your patterns…you are an amazing designer!! thank you for sharing your talent with us!!


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