ELK Studio – From the Heart December Event 2013

ELK Studio From the HeartWriting the blog for the results of our ELK Studio – From the Heart charity events brings me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  I’ve come to admire the established core of women that have chosen to take part in serving and meeting the needs of other people.

We decided to serve The Violence Prevention Center, in Belleville,IL this month.  They are a crisis intervention group with a 24hr hotline for women affected by domestic violence.  The center provides a safe place to stay  for the women and children while meeting their needs.

It brings me such pleasure to tell you that we’ve had 120 crochet projects donated to the center this month!  Take a look!

December ELK Studio from the HeartI want to thank these women for helping to make this month so successful, especially when most of them were busy crocheting projects for their customers, families and friends trying to prepare for Christmas!

1. Elena Hunt- Beatrice Ryan Designs
2. Ashley Lanier- Willing Hands Crochet
3. Elizabeth Dye- Crocheted Cuties by Elizabeth
4. Johanna Rollins- Needles, Hook & Hand
5. Arlette Cheramie- Tying Knots
6. Maria Bitner- Pattern Paradise
7. Liz Hasler
8. Carolyn Calderon- The Purple Poncho
9. Kathy Lashley- ELK Studio – Handcrafted Crochet Designs
10. Jennifer Stewart- Stew-Art Creations
11.  Jamie Morris
12.  Ash Car – Craftin’ Ashlen

It is such an honor and humbling experience to be in a group with women that share the same vision, yet lives hundred and maybe even thousands of miles apart.  It makes no difference that we’ve never met because we believe in giving back to other people.  It’s just fantastic!

If you are looking for a group for just fun or maybe take part in our charity events, come join us! 

Have a great day and be blessed!




7 thoughts on “ELK Studio – From the Heart December Event 2013

  1. As I told Kathy, I was greeted with warmth and heartfelt appreciation today when I dropped off our donations. They had just run out of hats. Hugs to all who participated. I am again humbled by your generosity.


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