Sunday Afternoon Crochet…What’s on your hook??

Here’s a Crochet -A-Long if anyone wants to join in on the fun!

Beatrice Ryan Designs


Today I am finalizing our Crochet-A-Longweek one pattern section!!  I took the pictures and have been typing up the instructions for the first week… I can’t wait!!!  I hope you will be joining in,,, This will be so  much fun!!!  I have chosen Vanna’s Choice Yarn to make mine.. I am loving it!!!  Do you have your yarn and what are you using for this CAL??


The first pattern section will be posted next Saturday  morning right here… So stay tuned!!!  Here is another peek at one of the blocks I made…



Vanna’s Choice Yarn,,, Taupe, Silver Gray, Dusty Green, Charcoal Gray and Dusty Purple!


Get your Crochet Hooks and Yarn ready,,, And we will meet up Saturday for some real Crochet Fun!!!!  Happy Crocheting… Elena






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