It’s a New Crochet Hat Pattern! Free? Maybe……..

I started on this hat pattern about a month ago but never did get around to finishing it.  I thought it was a pretty pattern but it didn’t seem to jump out at me like I had hoped.  Well, I picked it back up a few nights ago using the Red Heart Soft turquoise……that was my problem!  It was my color choice!  I shouldn’t have done the original pattern in CREAM!

Here’s the hat in a mix of green/white and then done in a solid turquoise.  What do you think?

ELK Studio

I’m working it up again now in a different color and still tweaking the pattern a little, but it’s almost finished.  I’m wondering if I should make this pattern free?  So, here’s the deal.  If you can convince me that it should be, I’ll do it.  Leave your comments, begs and pleas telling me why I should make it free.  I want some creativity too folks.  Your crocheters, so I know you can think of something!  Let’s have some fun!

Have a great day and be blessed!




91 thoughts on “It’s a New Crochet Hat Pattern! Free? Maybe……..

  1. Just found your web site – your patterns are so cute! I downloaded a couple of the free hat patterns, would love to add this one to the collection. Also like the Seasonal Bliss hat & headband. I’m making hats, headbands & scarves for Special Olympics so looking for new patterns & now looking forward to working up some of your patterns. Thanks so much!


  2. ALWAYS love free, but having designed a few things myself, I know how hard it is to design, let alone write it down so others can make what you’ve designed. Either way, I love it and I’ll grab a copy when it’s available. Keep up the great work! Love your patterns!


  3. Because you are such a kind, sharing, generous designer and because this would make a perfect green and white pep rally hat for my granddaughter! Thanks so much either way!


  4. I recently made a few scarfs from one of your other free patterns and have to say I loved the looks of it. Will be trying one of your hats next, but would really like to try this one!!


  5. Why should it be free? Because you are such a nice generous lady and you love to share your talents with us….How is that for an answer? 🙂 Really love working on your patterns…so easy to follow


  6. I just found you and I LOVE this hat. Love the texture. Can’t wait to make it and it would be a bonus if it was free. I can surely use a warm hat like this way down here in Canada where we have so much snow this year we don’t know what to do with it.


  7. Your work and designs are beautiful! I’ve been crocheting for a while but mostly scarfs and afghans. I’d like to push myself a bit and try a hat, so I’d love to see your hat in pattern form. I’m good at written instructions but want to try illustrated ones as well. Any suggestions where I should start? Appreciate your help and your site. It’s terrific!


  8. I make hats for the homeless in Toledo, Ohio. This is really a pretty hat. I think the recipients would be proud to wear them! Be thankful that God blessed you with the gift of being able to create crochet designs. He gave us gifts to share. Bless you 🙂


  9. love your hat pattern. its truly beautiful. Please make it a free pattern cause a mother of two with a one income can’t afford a paid pattern. true be told. I enjoy your patterns. they are pieces of artwork.


  10. I love your patterns. Thus is there first place I check for new hats. Free is very nice. I like the infinity hat and would enjoy trying the pattern. Thank you!


  11. love the texture and started the infinety scarf this morning so yes definatly positively need the hat pattern that goes with what would a scarf be without a matching hat love love the look of this pattern


  12. I have just recently begun to crochet and I love infinity scarves and hats! Free patterns are great although I struggle reading them but am making progress! I follow you on pinterest and your blog.


  13. Not sure if I replied……I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pattern. I enjoy making hats for charity and so appreciate when there’s a new, free pattern to try out. Thanks, Kathy!!!


  14. I have just recently discovered your patterns…. love them. This hat is very cute….. would love to have the pattern…. Free would be GREAT!


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