Headlines: Alabama Snow Increases Crocheting Productivity!

It’s been snowing here in Alabama!  Yesterday brought in the beautiful white flakes all over our yard.  I know for many of you it’s nothing new….but hey, I live in the south and love it!  It’s funny though because EVERYTHING shuts down.  The schools have been out since yesterday and will also be closed tomorrow.  Many of the local businesses have closed due to the snow.  It’s okay, you can laugh….We just aren’t equipped for it here.  But what it does bring is crocheting time!

I showed all of you a new hat recently on the hook.  Remember?

ELK Studio

Here are some other versions of the same pattern.

ELK Studio

I made the olive/black hat for my husband, and he loves it!  He wore it yesterday while doing all sorts of man things out in the snow….ya know, cut and split firewood, sharpen his saws, clean up his shop and what ever else a man does while it’s cold and snowing.

Today I was sitting here working on the pattern to the hat above and thought about my latest pattern, the infinity scarf.  I wondered if a hat would look good using the same pattern.  Well, here it is.  Do you think it’s worth writing up?  Would you like to see this as an addition to the listings of ELK Studio patterns?

Country Appeal BeanieSo, this is what happens when it snows in Alabama!  I’ve had a great couple of days and look forward to tomorrow!

I’ll be working on the written instructions for both patterns this week.  I’m thinking Country Appeal Beanie will be the first released.  The other hat is being tested, and I’ve got some ideas of how I will release it.  Remember I asked if it should be a free pattern?  Did you comment?  You might want to if you haven’t yet.

As far as Country Appeal beanie, the scarf is a free pattern, so I’ll make the beanie free also.

Whew, this is a long blog post, so I’m gonna end it right here!  Have a great day and be blessed!



13 thoughts on “Headlines: Alabama Snow Increases Crocheting Productivity!

  1. I’m from Canada so I always chuckle when I hear these stories of shutting down towns and cities 🙂 I’m glad that it kept you busy. You do lovely work!


  2. Love the green one!! A lot 🙂 You are having some lovely “Snow Days” – we get them still occasionally too 😉 but lately we have had to close for the cold temperatures – such crazy low temperatures! That is newer for us!! Stay warm 🙂


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