ELK Studio – From the Heart

ELK Studio From the Heart

If you crochet and people know it, chances are you’ve been asked to give to some sort of charity event or worthy cause.  I know because it happens to me, and I always want to do my part.  I’ve always wanted to give back in a way that I know can make a difference in someone’s life.  Haven’t you?

Since ELK Studio began in December of 2012, I’ve given to several people and/or charity events but it’s here and there and not anything consistent.  I want to do something on a more consistent basis and decided to ask the wonderful ELK Studio Crocheters group what they thought about coming together to form an official charity group.

So many of the women within the group jumped at the opportunity to take part in the charity group.  I definitely wanted their advice, so we’ve voted on many things such as the name, the number of charities, how it would be run and so on.  In the end we came up with the name of ELK Studio – From the Heart.  The name truly does represent all the women so well and speaks volumes about who they are.

We allow anyone within the group to suggest a charity by providing details about the organization.  If the group approves the suggestion, the person that chose the charity is then the organizer and everyone sends their projects to her.  She will make sure they reach the proper person by either delivering them in person or via mail.

If you want to learn more about ELK Studio – From the Heart or join the group, you can email me at elkstudiocrochet@gmail.com or check out the Facebook group.

I hope to see you there!  Have a blessed day.



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