Dear ELK Studio

When I was a kid one of my favorite pass times was to read Dear Abby.  Dear Abby was a daily column in the local newspapers and was always filled with juicy answers. (You can still find the column on-line).  People would write to her asking for advice about all types of issues such as relationship, family or even love questions.  I LOVED reading all her responses because they were short, sweet and to the point.  It was all in fun anyway, but I’m sure some people took her answers very seriously.

Well, I’ve thought for a while what I could do to give back to all of you that take the time to come over to my blog.  Why not do something like Dear Abby but call it Dear ELK Studio?  I’m part of a few groups, as well as have one of my own, and someone is always asking some type of crochet related question.  It could be on technique, pricing, or social media.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a column where you, the crocheter, could email your questions and actually get an answer?

I’ve gathered a team of designers/crocheters to help me on this new venture.  Each person brings their own set of skills and experience to the table.  I feel it will only benefit everyone to have a strong team developed, but I must tell you that I’m relying on you to help me too!

How do you get your questions answered?  Easy.  Just email me, and I will post your questions on my Facebook page Monday through Friday.  You, the crocheter, will help me by jumping into the conversation.  I think it will be fun and a great learning process.  Some of the more seasoned crocheters can help the younger ones learn new tips and tricks to becoming a successful crocheter.  Then I will post all 5 questions with answers (and some other questions not answered on Facebook), to the blog once a week.

You just need to remember the theory behind this column, it’s like Dear Abby, so the answers will be fun, short, sweet and to the point.  This is not intended to get into full-blown tutorials (but we’ll definitely provide links to some).  Think of it more like reading a newspaper column but on my blog!

I hope this has sparked some interest and you will join me by emailing me your questions! My email is or even easier, click the email button at the top of the page, or you can ask your question below!

Have a great day and be blessed!



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