ELK Studio – From the Heart November/2013 Charity Event

ELK Studio From the HeartI can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to share the results from our ELK Studio – From the Heart November charity event.  It’s incredible to see women gather from all over the country to enrich the life of someone else. We had 12 people to join the event this month and here’s a collage I put together of all the donations.

ELK Studio From the Heart Collage November 2013It shouldn’t take you too long to figure out there are more than 12 items in the collage right?  I am so proud to announce that you are looking at 36 wash cloths, 30 hats, 3 scarves and 1 pair of mittens!  The talent and heart of these women are beyond measure, and I consider it such an honor to work with them.  I would like to acknowledge each person below.

1. Elena Hunt- Beatrice Ryan Designs
2. Laura Cummings- Handcrafted Comfies
3. Ashley Lanier- Willing Hands Crochet
4. Elizabeth Dye- Crocheted Cuties by Elizabeth
5. Johanna Rollins- Needles, Hook & Hand
6. Arlette Cheramie- Tying Knots
7. Wendy Bickford- The Hooked Haberdasher
8. Maria Bitner- Pattern Paradise
9. Liz Hasler
10. Carolyn Calderon- The Purple Poncho
11. Kathy Lashley- ELK Studio – Handcrafted Crochet Designs
12. Jennifer Stewart- Stew-Art Creations

I want to give a special thank you to Jennifer Stewart from Stew-Art Creations for being the organizer this month.  She chose the location, took great pictures, received all the packages and delivered them.

Jennifer lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and chose the Willis Dady Emergency Shelter as the organization we would proudly serve this month.  The shelter has served over 11,000 homeless single men and families since opening in 1987. They give over 9,000 nights of shelter per year, or roughly a quarter of nights of shelter in Linn County. WDES serves an average of 297 single men and families living or relocating to Cedar Rapids and/or Linn County each year. They provide all services, free of charge to stabilize residents and facilitate progress toward change.

I am so grateful to have shared a vision with the ELK Studio Crocheters group in September and seeing it come to fruition leaves me speechless.  If you would like to learn more about the group or would like to participate in next month’s event, you can jump over to the main page of ELK Studio – From the Heart or email me at elkstudiocrochet@gmail.com.

Have a great day and be blessed!!